Saturday, May 1, 2010

Profile of NYC boys

NYC boys is a temporary unit that was composed on June 7, 2009. It was formed to promote the Women's Volleyball World Grand Prix 2009, an event that begins on July 31 and scheduled to end on August 23, 2009. They will be performing the theme song NYC in Tokyo and Osaka before each game.

Group Name

The "NYC" comes from the initials of Yamada, Nakayama, and Chinen's last names and the four members of B.I.Shadow represent the "boys". NYC also stands for New York City.

Sometimes, the name is written as NYC boys, where Yamada's initial is presented in a larger font size.


N Yuma Nakayama
Y Ryosuke Yamada
C Yuri Chinen
o Kento Nakajima
o Fuma Kikuchi
o Hokuto Matsumura
o Yugo Kochi


1. Akuma na Koi / NYC (Release Date:July 15, 2009)


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