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I'm just posting this because it was a request.
Please don't take this like "holy shit my yuto!! omg i want to kill them all"
Be calm, don't act stupid is all I'm asking.
Yes, people like this do exist (big surprise! Right?)
I never felt right translating this and I still don't think I should post this.
Since I change my mind every second, I might delete this post.
Nakajima Mare’s actions.
I’m really disgusted by Nakajima Mare’s actions.
Even the police can’t handle them and Johnnys are in extremely danger.
Like always, Mare disturbs Nakajima Yuto.
Other members have disruptive fans as well.
Mare walks around with a knife and she’s a person who can kill a person with no problem.
The girl who was dating Yuto was brutally attacked by Mare before.
Yuto have punched Mare but Mare has yet to quit.
Recently, Yuto’s brother became a jr.
When Yuto and his brother are going home after concerts and such,
his brother get’s very scared when Mare is there.
Right now, Yuto is tired almost to his limits.
Yuto’s friends and teachers at school want to get rid of Mare
Seems that they can’t win against her.
But, Mare has an enemy.
Hey!Say!BEST’s member Takaki Yuya
She have been pushed around by Yuya that
Mare is scared of her life.
What will happen to Hey!Say!JUMP if this continues?
Even Johnny san is thinking of breaking up JUMP
JUMP might announce their break up during the concert held in winter.
Only fans can protect JUMP’s smiles.
Shojo (virgin) Group’s member Chinen Mei, Yabu Iku
They haven’t done any disturbance anymore
Even though they want to get out of Shojo Group, Mare threatens them.
Because of that, Chinen Mei and Yabu Iku
Is still in Shojo Group
What an awful people they are…
Do you know what Shojo Group is?
They disrupts JUMP’s fan, or
Group who have passed the limits of being fans
The typical peoples are Nakajima Mare, Yamada Erika… etc.
Others are Chinen Mei and Arioka Sayaka
First from Yamada Erika’s story.
Yamada Erika is said to sleep-in in front of Yamada Ryosuke kun’s house.
Also, she forcibly kissed him before ….
For Ryosuke kun’s fans,
That’s a very unforgivable matter, right?
Next is Nakajima Mare’s story.
Lately, Yuto kun’s fans have said “Yuto’s eyes look swollen”
That’s because he is worrying over Heisei Shojo Group.
The other day, kind Yuto lost himself and said
“I want to see the face of your parents”
Nakajima Mare mistook that as a proposal and
She seemed very happy about that.
Other Heisei Sojo Group members are annoying JUMP
and JUMP is troubled by them.
Shojo Group have done things that even the police is after them
But they’re not caught yet.
Now, people reading this, I want your help.
Every month on the 10th, 20th and 30th
Please search “平成処女軍団/Heisei Shojo Group” on Yahoo
On news, they sometimes show “skyrocketed keywords” rankings.
If the news pickup on Shojo Group,
I think we’ll be one step closer into getting rid of Shojo Group.
Even if you’re not a JUMP fan,
Will you help us?
Also, please spread this letter to many people as you can!
Anything is fine, from mails to bulletin boards etc.
Please help us carryout this search
Also, this is about Chi.
Did you watch Music Station Super Live??
He didn’t have much energy like he usually does
Didn’t smile when he was singing…
Usual Chi would have smiled when the camera was on him…
Yesterday, there was no smile of that kind
Probably, the reason is what happened during winter con.
If one person leaves, JUMP will no longer be Hey!Say!JUMP.
Hey!Say!JUMP is there because there’re 10 people!!
That’s why, let’s support them together ★
Please pass this around to your friends
From Chinen Yumi
You guys want to support JUMP forever, right?
We want 10 people in JUMP forever, right?
You can copy this on your blog so,
please pass this message around!

If you want to repost, be my guest.
But it's just another chain letter.


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