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Alice Nine 100 question ^^

 1. Name / Part
Shou / vocals
Hiroto / Guitar
Tora /Guitar
Saga / Bass
Nao / Drums

2. Birthday
Shou: 7.5
Hiroto: 5.4
Tora: 91 1
Saga: 6.24
Nao: July 31st

3. Blood type
Shou: O
Hiroto: O
Tora: O
Saga: AB
Nao: A

4. Height
Shou: 179
Hiroto: 167.8
Tora: 182
Saga: 176
Nao: 170cm

5. Weight
Shou: 61
Hiroto: 54
Tora: Secret
Saga: 59~61
Nao: 55.5kg

6. Foot size
Shou: 26.5
Hiroto: 26
Tora: 27.5
Saga: 27.5~28
Nao: 26.5cm

7. Clubs you joined when you were a student
Shou: Basketball, track-and-field
Hiroto: Track-and-field
Tora: Swimming
Saga: Baseball
Nao: Tea ceremony

8. Part-time jobs you had in the past
Shou: Hospitality industry
Hiroto: Manual labor and Lawson
Tora: Secret
Saga: Wendy's and many more
Nao: Instructor

9. Favorite food
Shou: Mont Blanc cake
Hiroto: Konnyaku jelly
Tora: Curry
Saga: Anything
Nao: Simple food

10. Disliked food
Shou: Cucumber
Hiroto: Shiso
Tora: Secret
Saga: None
Nao: Things that are bad for my body

11. Best at cooking?
Shou: Pasta
Hiroto: Cookies
Tora: Secret
Saga: Curry
Nao: Simple food

12. Favorite book
Shou: Benjamin Button
Hiroto: JOJO
Tora: Secret
Saga: Haruki Murakami's work and Keigo Higashino's work
Nao: AliceNine-mura's Nao-kun and Drum-kun

13. Favorite sport (that you want to play or want to watch)
Shou: Serie A 2
Hiroto: Body board
Tora: Soccer
Saga: Baseball
Nao: Baseball

14. Favorite word, motto
Shou: Life is short
Hiroto: You can't change the world with just music, but you can warm hearts
Tora: Secret
Saga: vision over visibility
Nao: Live as if every day was your last

15. First CD you bought
Shou: Mr. Children
Hiroto: Maybe the soundtrack of the Street Fighter movie
Tora: Secret
Saga: Mr. Children's Tomorrow Never Knows
Nao: ZARD / "Makenaide"

16. The reason why you bought the CD in #15
Shou: Beauty of the melody
Hiroto: Because I liked it
Tora: Secret
Saga: Because it was the theme song to some drama, and I thought it was a nice song
Nao: Fell in love with it

17. Bands (or music) that influenced you
Shou: The ambience of UK rock
Hiroto: U2, LUNA SEA
Tora: Secret
Saga: NUMBER GIRL, THE BOOM, Mr. Children, LUNA SEA, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Buckrey, Rachmaninov, Miles Davis, Talking Heads
Nao: I often listen to soundtracks and learn a lot from them

18. Favorite color
Shou: Sky blue
Hiroto: White
Tora: Black
Saga: Blue, black, red, gold, purple
Nao: White, black, gold, silver

19. Favorite movie
Shou: Stand By Me
Hiroto: WALL-E
Tora: Various
Saga: The Shawshank Redemption, Eternal Sunshine, the Alien series, Mystic River, Dancer in the Dark, New Cinema Paradise, Beautiful Mind
Nao: Action type

20. Favorite number
Shou: 9
Hiroto: 9
Tora: 6
Saga: 6
Nao: Zero

21. Disliked color
Shou: Yellow
Hiroto: Colorless
Tora: Secret
Saga: Insipid brown
Nao: None

22. Favorite accessory
Shou: Necklace
Hiroto: Velvet Lounge
Tora: Wolfman
Saga: PUERTA DEL SOL stuff
Nao: Curious things

23. Favorite scent
Shou: The scent of belgian waffles being cooked
Hiroto: Aroma candles
Tora: Secret
Saga: The smell of country area
Nao: The scent of coffee

24. First thing you do in the morning
Shou: Look outside
Hiroto: Check the time
Tora: Secret
Saga: Take a shower
Nao: Get a coffee

25. First thing you do when you come back home
Shou: Open the door
Hiroto: Sleep
Tora: Secret
Saga: Change my clothes
Nao: Get a coffee

26. Your sleeping appearance
Shou: Tour tshirt
Hiroto: Of course
Tora: Secret
Saga: Sweat pants
Nao: is awesome

27. Something you have to do before you sleep
Shou: Reading
Hiroto: Brush my teeth
Tora: Secret
Saga: Wash my face, brush my teeth
Nao: Training

28. Average sleeping time
Shou: 6h
Hiroto: 5-6 hours
Tora: 3
Saga: 3-5 hours
Nao: 5 hours

29. A dream that left an impression on you
Shou: Above the clouds
Hiroto: A dream full of adventures like in long movies
Tora: Secret
Saga: A dream where I was chased by Sadako
Nao: None

30. How you spend a sleepless night
Shou: Reading
Hiroto: Stargazing
Tora: Secret
Saga: Intensely listening to music
Nao: Reading

31. The number of alarms it takes to wake you up OR a pleasant way to wake up
Shou: Morning sun
Hiroto: Naturally.
Tora: 0
Saga: 2
Nao: 3

32. Time you need to take a bath
Shou: 1h.
Hiroto: 45 minutes
Tora: 1
Saga: 30 minutes ~ 1 hour
Nao: 15 minutes ~ 3 hours

33. First place you wash
Shou: Huh?
Hiroto: Face
Tora: Secret
Saga: You're probably wishing I wrote *** huh? (laugh)
Nao: Face

34. Interior you like
Shou: Lighting
Hiroto: Foot massager
Tora: Secret
Saga: TV
Nao: Cymbal clock

35. Fashion you like
Shou: Anything depending on the shoes
Hiroto: Grungy appearance
Tora: Secret
Saga: Rough, simple
Nao: Trying to find it

36. Ultimate relaxation time
Shou: Sleeping
Hiroto: Tour
Tora: Secret
Saga: When I'm listening to music
Nao: Sleep

37. Something that powers you up
Shou: Red Bull
Hiroto: Materia
Tora: Alcohol
Saga: Accessories
Nao: Coffee

38. If you had the qualifications
Shou: Sky diving
Hiroto: Chef
Tora: Driving
Saga: Pilot
Nao: System administrator

39. If you could use magic
Shou: Meteo
Hiroto: Summon a genie
Tora: Driving
Saga: A ruler is necessary for Saga
Nao: Make one day last 48 hours... or something

40. If you had a hundred million yen
Shou: Spoil my parents
Hiroto: I guess I'd create an Alice Nine Studio, or give the hundred million yen to someone and watch their reaction
Tora: Fly
Saga: Give half of it to my parents
Nao: Have a hundred million yen drumset made for me

41. One thing you'd bring on a deserted island
Shou: Water
Hiroto: Guitar
Tora: Secret
Saga: Tent
Nao: Drums

42. If you could be born again as someone else
Shou: Myself I guess?
Hiroto: Steve Jobs
Tora: Secret
Saga: Human... no, God
Nao: Surgeon

43. If you had a long vacation
Shou: EU
Hiroto: Travel by myself in Northern Europe
Tora: Secret
Saga: I want to go to Europe
Nao: Lock myself in the studio

44. If tomorrow was doomsday
Shou: Yes?
Hiroto: Pissed off
Tora: Secret
Saga: Since people would be running out of control for sure, I'd try to stop this
Nao: Fishing

45. If you had a time machine
Shou: We have a song called Time Machine
Hiroto: Moshimo toki ga~♪3
Tora: Secret
Saga: I would especially not go in the future.
Nao: I want to see the 22nd century

46. If you could be a girl for one day
Shou: Make sure
Hiroto: Act all cute and cheerful
Tora: Secret
Saga: Flirt with Hiroto.
Nao: I want to understand women's feelings

47. Necessary item
Shou: For what?
Hiroto: Lip cream
Tora: Secret
Saga: Glasses
Nao: Music player

48. How you spend a day off
Shou: I want to go to the bookstore...
Hiroto: Drive
Tora: Secret
Saga: Sleeping!!
Nao: Whether I'm working or not, my life doesn't change much

49. Something that made you cry recently
Shou: I'm surprisingly emotional.
Hiroto: I never show my tears
Tora: Secret
Saga: None
Nao: Being surrounded by things/people who're important

50. Something that made you angry recently
Shou: I'm surprisingly touchy.
Hiroto: I don't get angry
Tora: Secret
Saga: Dealing with taxi drivers
Nao: Nothing

1 This is what is written in the book, though we all know by now that his birthday is September 17th.
2 Serie A is an Italian soccer league.
3 From the lyrics of Alice Nine's "Time Machine" song.

51. Something that made you happy recently
Shou: To have been able to talk with Tetsuya Nomura
Hiroto: Powering up my iPhone!!!
Tora: Secret
Saga: We safely reached our 5th year anniversary!
Nao: To have been able to get to know myself a little better

52. Something that worries you recently
Shou: I need more time
Hiroto: I'm sleepy
Tora: Various things
Saga: Piano is awfully hard to play
Nao: New drum style

53. Something you got recently recently
Shou: Tom Ford sunglasses
Hiroto: iPhone 3GS!!!!!
Tora: Various things
Saga: Analog synthesizer
Nao: New goals

54. Something you want to do for your parents
Shou: Onsen
Hiroto: Be with them whenever I can
Tora: Various things
Saga: Live a happy life. Live longer than them. Some day, show them grandchildren.
Nao: This is a secret

55. Longest time you spent on the phone
Shou: 6h
Hiroto: 9 hours
Tora: 8
Saga: 5 hours
Nao: I don't remember, but it wasn't that long

56. Do you believe in fortune or jinx?
Shou: I don't believe that
Hiroto: I don't believe that
Tora: no
Saga: I believe it just a little
Nao: I don't believe that

57. What's a hero to you?
Shou: Goku
Hiroto: The Edge
Tora: Secret
Saga: Bono
Nao: Senpai from my student days

58. Occupation you aspired to have when you were a kid
Hiroto: Spiderman
Tora: Secret
Saga: Musician
Nao: Sommelier

59. The type of kid you were
Shou: Show Wesugi
Hiroto: Outdoor kind of otaku
Tora: Secret
Saga: Cool
Nao: I looked delicious

60. Favorite part of your own body
Shou: Lips
Hiroto: Adam's apple
Tora: Secret
Saga: Hands
Nao: Fingers

61. Disliked part of your own body
Shou: Eyes
Hiroto: My lips peel easily
Tora: Secret
Saga: I work on the parts I dislike and lose them
Nao: Shoulders

62. If you were a color
Shou: Gold's fighting spirit
Hiroto: Red
Tora: Various
Saga: Purple
Nao: Red

63. If you were an animal
Shou: Pegasus
Hiroto: Dog
Tora: Tiger
Saga: Giraffe
Nao: Dog-like but wolf

64. A pet you want to raise
Shou: Tiger
Hiroto: Lizard
Tora: Various
Saga: Ono-kun
Nao: Bird

65. Your biggest enemy
Shou: Catnip
Hiroto: Vegeta
Tora: Secret
Saga: Myself
Nao: I hate bugs

66. Something you want to try learning
Shou: At the moment, theory
Hiroto: Music composition
Tora: Secret
Saga: Medicine
Nao: Photography

67. Your aspiration
Shou: Emperor's SP
Hiroto: 4 shops in Nishi-Tokyo
Tora: Secret
Saga: Not telling
Nao: Cultivate my own coffee beans

68. Something you want to challenge yourself with
Shou: I want to go into space
Hiroto: I'm the type who goes on trips without anything planned
Tora: Secret
Saga: Not telling
Nao: Grow vegetables

69. Next hairstyle you want to try
Shou: Permanent
Hiroto: Straight bangs
Tora: Secret
Saga: Like David Bowie
Nao: I'm taking suggestions

70. Somewhere you want to go within the country
Shou: Okinawa
Hiroto: Tottori Sakyuu
Tora: Nowhere
Saga: Okinawa
Nao: Hokkaido

71. Somewhere you want to go overseas
Shou: Iceland
Hiroto: Dublin
Tora: Nowhere
Saga: Berlin, London, Dublin
Nao: Europe

72. Someone you'd like to meet and talk to
Shou: Haitani-san (Adapter)
Hiroto: Masanobu Andou
Tora: No one
Saga: Shun Oguri
Nao: Myself 10 years later
73. Your favorite spot
Shou: Venice
Hiroto: Heartman Guitars
Tora: Nowhere
Saga: Countryside
Nao: Starbucks

74. A habit you have
Shou: Blinking
Hiroto: Bite my lips
Tora: Various
Saga: Unintentionally beat the rhythm
Nao: Crack my joints

75. Outdoor or indoor type
Shou: Ind-out type
Hiroto: Both
Tora: In
Saga: Depends on the season and the time of the day
Nao: Indoor type

76. A TV program you often watch
Shou: Music programs
Hiroto: Discovery Chanel
Tora: Various
Saga: I don't watch it a lot
Nao: I don't watch TV

77. Your best act at karaoke
Hiroto: Ii hi tabidachi
Tora: I don't go to karaoke
Saga: X's Art of Life
Nao: Alice Nine

78. Something that embarrassed you so much you'd rather not remember
Shou: Culture festival
Hiroto: Please stop..
Tora: Various
Saga: Falling down during lives
Nao: Nothing so far

79. Your weakness
Shou: Ticklish
Hiroto: Attacks attributed to water
Tora: None
Saga: Heights
Nao: History of Japan

80. Do you remember the first time you touched your instrument?
Shou: Smooth to the touch
Hiroto: I went numb
Tora: None
Saga: Magnificent!!
Nao: My heart was throbbing

81. Someone you respect
Shou: Nishikawa-san
Hiroto: All the members
Tora: Secret
Saga: My parents
Nao: Masanori Takumi-san

82. Something you can't tolerate in the world
Shou: I try to tolerate everything
Hiroto: There are lots of things
Tora: Secret
Saga: That 1 person out of 6 is dying from starvation in the world right now in the 21st century. Rather than exploring space, we should do something about Earth
Nao: Crime

83. When was your first love? What kind of person was it?
Shou: When I was in elementary school, I liked some girl who was like a devil.
Hiroto: I was probably in 4th grade elementary school. Someone who was always like "Book!"
Tora: Secret
Saga: 4th grade elementary, a long-haired beauty
Nao: (no answer)

84. A moment when you think to yourself "I'm so cool"
Shou: (laugh)
Hiroto: When I'm having fun
Tora: Secret
Saga: None
Nao: When I get out of the bath

85. How you keep yourself healthy
Shou: Bathe
Hiroto: Ramen fitness
Tora: Secret
Saga: Sleeping a lot
Nao: Vegetable juice

86. How you want to be in 10 years from now
Shou: Still like myself
Hiroto: I want to become a cool adult
Tora: Alive
Saga: I want to do music just like now
Nao: I want to stay a drummer

87. Special skill
Shou: Boomerang
Hiroto: Swift decision
Tora: Secret
Saga: Baseball
Nao: Go to bed early and wake up early

88. Something you cherish
Shou: Members
Hiroto: Fans
Tora: Secret
Saga: Fans
Nao: Instrument

89. Something that makes you glad you're doing that work
Shou: Lives
Hiroto: Listening to a lot of music
Tora: Secret
Saga: Feel people's love
Nao: Not having to wear a suit

90. Something you want to be asked during interviews
Shou: About music
Hiroto: About guitars
Tora: Secret
Saga: The interviewer himself's real feelings
Nao: Ask me anything

91. Something you don't want to be asked during interviews
Shou: Everything else
Hiroto: Stuff unrelated to music
Tora: Secret
Saga: About idols and stuff
Nao: Nothing particular

92. What's each member's good point?
Shou: Hiroto → staging / Tora → he's a good guy / Saga → he's a good guy (laugh) / Nao → he's a good guy (mystery)
Hiroto: He's manly, he's kind, he makes people feel at ease, he's very caring. Which is for who, I'll leave to your imagination.
Tora: Secret
Saga: Not telling
Nao: Shou: eats meals that look delicious / Hiroto: has a driver's license / Tora: surprisingly thoughtful / Saga: rough and tough

93. What's something about each member you wish they would improve?
Shou: There's nothing!
Hiroto: No one's perfect.
Tora: Secret
Saga: Everyone it's ok to follow me
Nao: It's ok for everyone to be the way they are

94. The most handsome member is?
Shou: Everyone
Hiroto: Everyone
Tora: Me
Saga: At least it's not me
Nao: (´┏_┓`)

95. Something you usually did when you were a kid
Shou: Draw
Hiroto: Cram school
Tora: Secret
Saga: Judo, baseball, abacus, cram school
Nao: Swimming

96. Your fetish
Shou: Feet
Hiroto: Flanks
Tora: Scent
Saga: Ears
Nao: Electric appliances fetish

97. Something that makes you think "Is that just me?"
Shou: ?
Hiroto: Looking at the sun makes me sneeze
Tora: Scent
Saga: Eat 5 times a day
Nao: Electric appliances fetish

98. One word for your fans!
Shou: Thank you truly for supporting us with every single step we took during those 5 years. From now on, I think we'll keep walking carefully.
Hiroto: This is how I am but after this, please send me your best regards.
Tora: Thank you.
Saga: I love you
Nao: Our journey has only barely started

99. One word for all the members!
Shou: I love you!
Hiroto: Let's make fireworks!
Tora: Good job.
Saga: Cause I'm not the kind of guy who gives praises
Nao: We're blood brothers

100. Last, your current feelings in one word
Hiroto: This band is great.
Tora: I suck at 100 Q&A.
Saga: Finally... it's over...
Nao: (●´┏_┓`●)

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